What's new at Blackbird Fabworx and Aurora Auto Design? A lot!

We've been a little quiet lately because we've been very busy at the shop, so I thought I'll give you all an update about what's happening and tell you about exciting new products to look for in the coming days.

As you all know and experienced it yourselves, 2020 has been a bit of a mess and we had our fair share of problems as a result of what's happening.
To our customers, the biggest impact was with our supply times, and we worked VERY hard to resolve this situation.
This was especially important to me to achieve before we start our BLACKbird Friday - Cyber Monday weekend special.

What this meant was to not only fill every back order on the board, but create a big buffer with stocking on our most popular products, and with that said our current supply times on many products is even shorter than they were even before the Covid mess started!
Every single part number of our motor mounts is in stock, tow hooks, fire extinguisher brackets, spoilers and more.
Our NC RZ and ND RZ roll bars are in stock, ready to be sent to powder coating for your choice of color, with some of the popular choices of colors already done and ready to ship!

Our NA and NB roll bars will be following suit shortly as we're in the midst of producing a giant batch of the 4 models we have for the 90-05 cars.
Which leads me to some of the most exciting news that I wanted to share.
After a long production run with many small updates along the way, our Blackbird Fabworx NA / NB roll bar lineup is receiving an update big enough to be considered "Gen 2".
Already known to offer superb fitment in their Gen 1 form, the Gen 2 bars include a new main hoop and main mounting plates design, manufacturing tolerances that are tightened to the absolute maximum and unparalleled level of fitment accuracy using world class tooling.
Both NB models also enjoy revised harness bar fitment, again taking the accuracy to a whole new level.
The Gen 2 NA GT3 and NB GT3 roll bars feature a revised design for the gussets which I'm rather excited about :)
You'll be getting a first look at the Gen 2 bars next week and all orders placed at this point for either one of the 4 models will be fulfilled with a Gen 2 bar.

The same thought process of creating a big buffer has been applied to the Aurora Auto Design products as well -
All 4 models of our popular ND / 124 low profile seat bases are in stock, driver and passenger sides, for both LHD and RHD cars.

We're also going to be releasing an exciting new Aurora Auto Design product next week - our ND / 124 Roadster Hoops!
The Roadster Hoops set up takes the factory dinky little Aluminum trim holders and replaces them with DOM Steel hoops with the addition of rear legs that mount similarly to our ND RZ roll bar.
The twin hoop design is both taller and stronger than the OEM hoop structure, and if my suspicions are correct, will also boost chassis stiffness quite a bit due to the added triangulation with the added mounting points.
It is the perfect upgrade for those who wish to get the added level of safety without going to the extent of adding a full blown roll bar, maintaining the low key twin hoop look as the factory set up.
We will even offer them in two standard colors - Ultra high gloss Black to match the looks of the factory hoops from the ND and Metallic Silver to match the look of the factory hoops from the 124 Spider, with the option of doing custom colors for an additional cost (same like our roll bars).
Watch for product release photos and pricing mid next week, as well as an introductory special :)

Looking forward to share and show more in the coming days, so stay tuned!