Welcome To Aurora Automotive Design!

Aurora Automotive Design is a the new division of Blackbird Fabworx.
It is the answer to the question what happens when a world class racing fabrication shop takes on designing products focused around street use.

Aurora Auto Design was born because at Blackbird Fabworx our focus has always been creating products that can (and should) be enjoyed out on track.
Each and every one of the products in our Blackbird Fabworx line up was made so that you can use it at the extreme environment of racing, with emphasis on track safety and / or as an on-track performance enhancement.
Our quest for offering top notch products has benefited many enthusiasts who were looking for exactly what we make - the best!

What Aurora Auto Design does is to take our vast design and fabrication experience and put it into designing products that wouldn't fit within the mission statement of Blackbird Fabworx, shifting the focus from what would benefit the track-going crowd to products that appeal to all enthusiasts - your daily driver, your show car, the weekend fun car etc..
This is great news for everyone who ever wished that someone will come up with a top notch ____________ (insert street oriented product here) at the level of what we offer at BFW.
With the introduction of Aurora Auto Design, we get to wear both hats and our customers are in for a treat :)

The first product under the Aurora banner is our adjustable lowered seat mount for the OEM driver seat of the ND / 124.
This product is getting built for all enthusiasts to enjoy, not just the racing crowd.
Additional products that we have planned will clarify the distinction between AAD and BFW even further, a couple of which are already at an advanced point of the prototyping stage and are sure to make many NC, ND and 124 owners happy.

Thank you for checking us out, watch this space for more exciting developments.
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