Coming soon! Aurora Auto Design Roadster Hoops for ND / 124!

Hi folks!

We want to share with you folks an exciting new product that we have in the works as a part of the Aurora Auto Design product line.
The upcoming Aurora Auto Design Roadster Hoops are replacement hoops to the factory dinky Aluminum hoops of the ND Miata / Fiat 124 Spider, ditching them in favor of our far more robust DOM Steel tube structure.
The AAD Roadster Hoops maintain the slick look of the factory classic double hoop setup, but offers a much higher degree of roll over protection by extending the structure height by almost 2 full inches (!) and adding another dimension of structural support in the form of integrated rear legs.
The rear legs are going to be bolted through the sheet metal of the wheel well with the use of backing plates, similarly to typical SCCA / NASA spec roll bars such as the Blackbird Fabworx RZ and GT3 bars.

The Roadster hoops are an excellent upgrade for your street driven vehicle if you don't wish to go to the extent of installing a full size roll bar such as the Blackbird Fabworx ND RZ.

We've already gone through prototyping the AAD Roadster Hoops and are currently gearing towards manufacturing, it'll take a few more weeks before they are ready to hit the market, but meanwhile here's a shot showing how one of our prototype hoops compares with the factory hoop, the production version will obviously be a single piece hoop without an adjustment splice.

Save the obvious need to drill the rear leg bolts into place, the hoops themselves are going to be a direct bolt on, cutting down on installation time considerably.
We will be offering a cosmetic cover set specific for the Roadster Hoops, a nice way to finish off the cutting and trimming that will need to be done on the factory plastics in the fitting process.

Pricing remains to be seen, updates will be posted as soon as we have any info regarding pricing, availability, promotions etc..

Thanks for checking it out!