Blackbird Fabworx Gen2 Roll Bars for NA / NB - NEW HOTNESS ALERT!

Hot off the production line, our newly redesigned Gen2 roll bars for the NA and NB Miatas -

The longest running products in the Blackbird Fabworx line received many small updates over the years in our never ending quest for continued refinement.
Our GT3 and Single Diagonal roll bars for the NA and NB Miatas have been a popular upgrade for Miatas since their introduction nearly a decade ago, bringing fresh designs and new features to the market that have not been done before on Miata roll bars such as our integrated curved harness bar that clears the glass window soft top on the NB and our signature gusseted X-brace design for the the GT3 models.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the single biggest update that the NA / NB lineup has ever seen, such a big update that we refer to the new bars as "Gen2".

How big is the update?
For example, the 1st generation NB GT3 was constructed out of 17 pieces while the Gen2 bar uses state of the art tooling to cut that number down (by producing more complex pieces) to 13 pieces, out of which 6 are new designs.
Yes, it's that big of a change!

The updated Gen2 bars include beautifully formed single piece main hoop base plates that go together with our new CNC bent and 3D laser notched main hoop -

Have a sweet tooth and need more eye-candy than that?
The Gen2 NA GT3 and NB GT3 bars now feature 3D bent and rolled gussets -

The superb fitment that our bars are already known for?
We managed to make even that somehow better now :jump:

BEST OF ALL - despite all the new advanced design features, THERE'S NO CHANGE IN PRICE!

Shown in the photo are the NA GT3 Gen2 in Fire Truck Red, NB GT3 Gen2 in Metallic Gold, and a pair of NB SD Gen2 in Metallic Silver and Pearl Gunmetal Gray -

[informercial voice]BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE![/informercial voice]
All of this Gen2 roll bar goodness is currently on sale at the BLACKbird Friday special, so go ahead and add it to your cart to see the price drop :)